Hawthorne Park Pontiac United States

Located in the state of Michigan, Hawthorne Park is known for being a beautiful and peaceful community. It is also a very family-friendly community with plenty of amenities. Here, you can find everything from health care facilities to restaurants and nightclubs. Continue reading about Pontiac!

Languages spoken

Among the languages spoken in Hawthorne Park Pontiac United States, English is the most commonly spoken language. Spanish and Polish are also well represented in the neighborhood. Other notable languages include Afro-Asiatic languages, Native American languages, and Chinese.

The best part about the languages spoken in Hawthorne is that they all have a lot in common. This is in stark contrast to the neighborhood’s other demographics, which include the highest rate of illiteracy in Michigan and the least number of bus stops. Also, Hawthorne Park has the least sidewalks and the highest percentage of pedestrian fatalities in the state. In addition, the area has a number of small apartment complexes and is a popular neighborhood among first time homebuyers. The median house value in Hawthorne Park is a modest $186,024, making it an affordable option for first time buyers.

Real estate

Located in Highland Park, Hawthorne Park is a popular neighborhood. It is also home to many newer homes that were built in the past few years. The neighborhood offers a lot of charm and unique features.

Residents of the neighborhood can enjoy playing with one another. Residents can also shop for everyday goods for affordable prices.

Hawthorne Park is home to three different types of households. The neighborhood is predominantly made up of single family homes and small apartment complexes. The average rental price for the neighborhood is higher than 69.3% of the state’s neighborhoods.

Hawthorne Park’s vacancy rate is 10.8%, which is much higher than the vacancy rates in 62.5% of the U.S. and 69.3% of the state’s other neighborhoods.

Hawthorne Park is a great neighborhood for first-time home buyers. However, it is also home to a higher than average child poverty rate, which is one of the highest in the U.S.


Located in the northern suburbs of Pontiac, Michigan, Hawthorne Park is a neighborhood primarily comprised of small apartment complexes and single-family homes. This is a unique neighborhood with a distinctive flavor. It has a playground, sporting fields, and docks, making it a great place for families to spend an afternoon.

Hawthorne Park is an ideal neighborhood for first-time home buyers. Most homes are priced below the state median house value, making this an affordable neighborhood to buy into.

Hawthorne Park also has a number of restaurants and nightclubs, making it a great place to spend a night out. Hawthorne Inn is a popular local restaurant that has consistently been voted the best in the area. The restaurant offers a variety of food and drinks, including a full bar. It has banquet facilities and is open seven days a week. Check it out here!

Health care facilities

Currently, Hawthorne Park has no sidewalks and no bus service. This could be remedied with the installation of park pavilions, picnic tables, docks and a boat launch. The park also has many sporting fields and an abundance of passive recreation.

The MSU team conducted a study to identify themes that could be implemented in Pontiac’s eight major parks. The report outlines characteristics of each park, recommends improvements based on these themes, and assesses the current physical condition of the parks. The team also evaluated safety issues and the challenges involved in operating the parks. The report recommends the implementation of theme-based events to encourage more use of the parks.

The physical condition of the eight parks was evaluated through site visits, client meetings, and data from the City of Pontiac 2021-2025 Parks and Recreation Plan. Secondary data was collected through the US Census Bureau and the Environmental Systems Research Institute. The MSU team developed a report that summarizes the characteristics of each park, identifies themes that could be adopted by the parks, and recommends improvements based on the identified themes.


Previously known as Tiki Bob’s Cantina, Vogue Nightclub will open its doors on Wednesday, November 23. The club, located across the street from Grace Gospel Fellowship, is the latest addition to Pontiac’s nightlife scene.

Previously owned by the Luther Family, the property was purchased by the Oakland Township government and will be leased to the Grace Gospel Fellowship. A $500,000 construction job was also performed on the building. The site is 30,000 square feet, making it one of the largest nightclub buildings in the city.

Hawthorne Park, located in Oakland County, is a popular attraction and is home to several parks and sporting fields. There are also six state parks located within a short drive from the city. One of the most notable nightclubs in Pontiac is the Tonic, which opened in 1990 and has since moved to a new location on Fifth Avenue. Browse around this site!

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