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Performance Roof Systems

Performance Roof Systems

Hey there, Birmingham MI homeowners and business owners! Looking for a roofing company that’s as solid as your foundation? That’s us—Performance Roof Systems. We’re local, with offices in Ann Arbor MI, and Pontiac MI, and we’ve been serving Southeast Michigan for years.

About Our Company

You might be wondering, “What sets Performance Roof Systems apart from other roofing companies in Birmingham?”

Great question! First and foremost, it’s our unbeatable Price Match Guarantee. Did you find a better quote from another contractor? Even if it’s after the fact, we will pay you back the difference. That’s right, we’re all about providing the utmost value to you.

But the benefits don’t stop there. We also offer a Lifetime Roofing Material and Labor Warranty through GAF, a leading manufacturer in the roofing industry. This means you get peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure for the long haul.

Our commitment to quality, affordability, and durability is what makes us the go-to roofing contractor for homeowners, schools, and business owners alike. With Performance Roof Systems, you’re not just another project—you’re a valued member of our community. And we’re here to protect what matters most to you.

Why Choose Performance Roof?

Your home is more than just a place to hang your hat. It’s a sanctuary, a space where you build memories and seek comfort. We get that. Here at Performance Roof Systems, we aim to protect that sanctuary for you with our top-notch roofing services. We’re not just another roofing company—we’re your go-to roofing partner in ensuring your home remains the safe haven it should be. Here’s why you should choose us.

Roofing Knowledge You Can Trust

  • Veteran Roofers: Our team of Birmingham roofers is not just skilled, but seasoned. With years of experience under our belts, we’ve tackled every roofing challenge there is.
  • Quality Work: Being the best roofing company is more than just a label for us; it’s a commitment. From thorough inspection to flawless installation and roofing repairs, we aim for perfection.
  • In-depth Knowledge: We’re experts in shingle roofs, flat roofs, and everything in between. We know roofing like the back of our hand, and this expertise means better, more reliable solutions for you.

Roofing Birmingham and Southeast Michigan

  • Local Expertise: We’re based right here in Birmingham, which means we understand the specific challenges that local weather can bring. We’ve tailored our services to meet those needs.
  • Broad Reach: While we’re local, our expertise isn’t confined to just Birmingham. We also serve other parts of Southeast Michigan, ensuring more homeowners have access to top-quality roofing.
  • Community Trust: Being a part of the community, we don’t just aim to make a sale. We want to build relationships. Our reputation is built on trust and the top-quality work we do.
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Residential Roofing Services

When it comes to protecting your home, you want a reliable partner who understands not only the technicalities of roofing but also the emotional investment involved. At Performance Roof Systems, we offer a wide range of residential roofing services designed to meet the varied needs of Birmingham homeowners.

Replacing Your Roof

If you’ve come to a point where repairs just won’t cut it anymore, it might be time for a full roof replacement. We begin this process with a comprehensive consultation and thorough inspection. By taking time to assess the situation, we can offer you the best replacement options.

The materials we use are top-notch, whether you’re looking for traditional asphalt shingles or considering a more modern roofing material. As a locally owned business, we’re committed to providing a smooth and hassle-free transition during the replacement process. For those considering replacing their current roof, we are here to offer you a free estimate today.

Repairing Your Roof

We understand that roof damage often requires immediate attention. That’s why our team specializes in quick, efficient repair work that addresses the issue head-on. From shingle roofs to flat roofs, our skill set is versatile, enabling us to tackle any repair work your home may require.

Plus, our pricing is competitive without sacrificing the quality you expect from the best roofing company in the area. Birmingham homeowners can rest easy knowing their roof is in capable hands, and that we will go the extra mile to ensure its longevity.

Modern New Roofs

New Roof Installation

Installing a new roof is more than just a construction task; it's about adding a protective layer to your sanctuary. With this responsibility in mind, we offer two main types of installations:

Shingle Roof Installation

Shingles offer a wonderful blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. They come in various styles, colors, and textures, allowing homeowners to match their roofs to the rest of their home’s design.

In terms of affordability and reliability, shingle roofs are a great choice that combines cost-effectiveness with long-lasting durability. As GAF-certified professionals, we specialize in installing the best product in the game that comes with a lifetime guarantee to boot.

Metal Roof Installation

For those considering a more modern and long-lasting approach, metal roofs are an excellent option. They’re not only long-lasting but also energy-efficient, providing the potential for lower energy bills throughout the year.

Our service area extends beyond Birmingham, covering the surrounding area and other parts of Southeast Michigan. No matter where you are, we are dedicated to bringing you the best in residential roofing services. It’s time to make the choice that your home deserves.

Go the extra mile with Performance Roof Systems and secure the comfort and safety of your home today. Reach out for a free estimate to take the first step.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services

For the savvy business owner, the quality of your commercial roof is more than just a structural concern—it’s an investment in your company’s future that protects everything that resides below. At Performance Roof Systems, we offer premium commercial roofing services that promise durability, functionality, and aesthetics, because we know how vital these factors are for your business and your peace of mind.

We will work with you hand in hand to ensure we understand your project details and create, estimate, and implement to the right scope of work to ensure your project is a success.

Flat Roofs

As certified Duro-Last contractors, we specialize in installing and maintaining flat roofs using Duro-Last PVC, our material of choice for this type of roofing. Known for its exceptional durability and weather resistance, this material is a business owner’s dream.

In addition to offering excellent protection against the elements, Duro-Last PVC is incredibly energy-efficient, providing significant cost savings over its lifespan. Plus, we’re fully licensed and trained to install it, ensuring that your project will meet and exceed industry standards.

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Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a valuable addition to any commercial roofing system, offering an extra layer of protection against inclement weather, while also contributing to the roof’s longevity. Certain LAMs (liquid-applied membranes) even come with extended warranties to guarantee and protect your commercial roof system well into the future at a fraction of the cost.

Our roof coatings are specially formulated to withstand the tests of time and the elements, promising a long-term solution that aligns with our commitment to customer satisfaction. For business owners considering this service, it’s worth noting that a quality roof coating can also improve the energy efficiency of your building, thus reducing your operational costs.

Emergency Roof Repair

Unexpected issues can strike at any moment, often worsened by inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. In such pressing situations, you need a reliable partner to handle emergency repairs quickly and efficiently.

We’re fully licensed to tackle emergency repairs, ensuring the safety and security of your commercial property. Our rapid response team is trained to assess the problem in a timely manner and implement immediate solutions, reducing downtime and mitigating further damage. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to restoring your peace of mind as swiftly as possible.

For our commercial clients, customer satisfaction is not just a promise but a commitment embedded into the fabric of our service offerings. So whether you’re in need of a complete roofing overhaul or simply require some minor repairs, Performance Roof Systems has got you covered—literally.

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Storm Damage Leak Repair

When stormy weather hits, the last thing you want to worry about is the integrity of your roof. But the reality is, storms are one of the leading causes of significant roof damage. That’s where we come in. At Performance Roof Systems, we specialize in prompt, efficient storm damage repairs designed to restore your peace of mind. Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial building, our team of highly skilled technicians is equipped to assess and repair storm-related issues, ensuring the quick resumption of your day-to-day life and business operations.

Our approach to storm damage repairs is thorough and holistic. It starts with a comprehensive inspection to identify all affected areas, including those that might not be immediately visible. This allows us to formulate a repair strategy that is both effective and timely.

We use only top-quality materials in our repairs to guarantee durability, and our technicians employ the latest industry techniques to ensure that once we fix your roof, it stays fixed. So when storms hit, don’t fret; just know that Performance Roof Systems has got you covered—literally.

Gutter Installation Services

You can’t install a brand-new roof system and ignore the gutters.

Gutters help protect your house or building from moisture intrusion near the foundation. Our team takes pride in providing a hassle-free installation experience from start to finish, ensuring that every gutter we install is a perfect fit for your property.

Our installation process begins with a thorough assessment of your home or commercial property and roof system. By understanding the unique structural characteristics and drainage needs of your building, we can customize your seamless gutters for optimal performance. Precision is key in our work, and this assessment allows us to cut and form the gutters on-site, ensuring a flawless fit that aligns with the contours of your roof.

Following the initial assessment, our fully licensed team takes over, employing their expertise and specialized equipment to install your new gutters efficiently and effectively. Every member of our installation team is trained in safety protocols and best practices, so you can be assured of a high-quality result.

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Check Out Our Roofing and Exterior Reviews

Cynthia Beasley
Cynthia Beasley
I want to first apologize for not posting earlier. The flat roof looked good after Joel and his crew installed it. Joel suggested not putting the gutters back on, and that he would do a waterfall edge since the roof extended past the foundation of the house. I'm grateful for that suggestion. I wanted to make sure the roof didn't leak before I posted anything, and it was a while before we had a heavy rain. The roof did not leak. After it rained, a tree branch fell on the roof. I called Joel to come, and assess the damage because it was less than six months when the roof was installed. I am yet waiting, but hopefully he will come soon. Thanks
Bret Lbby
Bret Lbby
I needed a new roof on my garage. Called them and they were out the next with a quote and spotted some areas that would need repair over and beyond the shingles. Price was very competitive and they completed the work on time and as promised. Cleanup was fantastic. Highly recommend their services.
Duane Poliquin
Duane Poliquin
In summary, I would use Performance Roof Systems again on future projects. I have a unique roof and a few problems that needed the help of an experienced roofer. 1) My entire attic has mold on the inside roof decking due to a moisture issue so I asked for a complete decking replacement. 2) The rear half of my roof has a very low pitch (2/12) making any ice dam a guaranteed leak. 3) The rear of my roof does not extend past the house (no overhang) so water and ice tends to flow down the side of my house all winter long. I had 7 different roofers come out and quote new decking and new shingles. I was open for recommendations. Let me warn you; read the quotes carefully, as not everyone will quote what you ask for. Some guys tried to use scare tactics (your roof is in terrible shape and needs to be replaced immediately). Some were experts where only their product could solve my problems. Most bad-mouthed all the others, either subtly or viciously (I recommend you read reviews). Joel from Performance Roof Systems was one of the last people invited to come out to quote. He looked at the rear of my house and asked if I had issues with water running down. His statement was, “I don’t want to price myself out of this job, but I would like to offer you a permanent solution to your problem.” Using his past experience as a carpenter, he said if I was already willing to have the decking ripped up, then that would be the perfect time to EXTEND the roof by 8 – 12”. Truth be told, this is something I had already thought about, but I thought it would take more than just simply adding on to the existing structure. In the end, Joel provided me with two unique solutions: 1) an extended roof and 2) a commercial roof in the rear. Yes, it cost more, but I got more in return. He provided a detailed breakdown and all of the common parts of his quote were in line with the others. Don’t kid yourself – all projects like this will have some issues. Most contractors call this an opportunity ($$$) or will try to hide the problem. I won’t mention the issues specifically, but I will say it is not the issues you have, rather how they are addressed. Joel addressed everything quickly, professionally and honestly. I never write reviews. I don’t have anything to say when someone simply does their job. After working with Joel, I was moved to write this review. Joel can be proud of the name and reputation he is creating for Performance Roof Systems.
Shannon Donnellon
Shannon Donnellon
Quick to respond and come out to give us a quote for a roof replacement. Pricing was extremely reasonable compared to others in the area. Company came out within 1 week to complete the job, which was done very efficiently. Joel was quick to respond to some issues that came up, but was extremely easy to work with and fixed all issues immediately. Would highly recommend this company!!
Bill Burkhardt
Bill Burkhardt
Easy to work with. They kept me informed what was happening with the job. Alway responded quickly to my calls and emails. A great crew did the work. They respected my property and kept a tidy worksite.
John Teagardin
John Teagardin
Installed vinyl siding on garage. Xcellent job, on schedule. Reinforced truss work also.

Lets Get Started With Your Birmingham MI Roof

We understand the importance of a sturdy, reliable roof, whether it’s sheltering a family or a business. You’ve read about our range of services, from new installations to emergency storm damage repairs, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Now, it’s time to experience our commitment to excellence firsthand. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to the safety and durability of your roof. Reach out to us today for a free estimate, and let’s embark on the journey to give you the roof you deserve. Your dream roof is just a phone call or a click away.
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Frequently Asked Birmingham Roofing Questions

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to roof repairs or replacements. Once we’ve assessed your needs and provided a free estimate, we aim to begin work as quickly as possible. Scheduling largely depends on the scope of the project and current workload, but rest assured, we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality.

Great question! We offer a range of quality materials to suit different needs and budgets. Our arsenal includes traditional asphalt shingles, which are highly versatile and come in various styles and colors. For those looking for something more durable, we also offer metal roof systems that are not only long-lasting but also energy-efficient.

Absolutely! We offer a Lifetime Roofing Material and Labor Warranty through GAF. This means you can rest easy knowing that your roof is backed by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. We stand by our work, and our warranties are our commitment to you.

While we’re based in Ann Arbor and Pontiac, our services stretch across Southeast Michigan. We’ve served homeowners, business owners, schools, and various other establishments throughout the region. If you’re in Southeast Michigan, we’ve got you covered.

Getting a free estimate is simple. You can contact us via our website, give us a call, or send us an email. Once we understand the scope of your project, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate. Remember, we also offer a Price Match Guarantee. Found a better quote elsewhere? We’ll match it or beat it.

Yes, we do. We know that some issues can’t wait, and that’s why we offer emergency repair services. Whether it’s a leak that’s sprung up suddenly or damage due to a storm, we’re just a call away.

The project cost for a new roof can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors such as the roofing material chosen, the size of the roof, and the complexity of the installation. To get a precise idea of what your project will cost, the best step is to get a free estimate from us.

The time required for roof installation can differ based on the type of material, the size of your home, and weather conditions.

However, we strive to complete projects as efficiently as possible while maintaining high-quality workmanship. Once we assess your specific needs, we’ll give you a more accurate timeline.