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Performance Roof Systems Is The Best Choice For A New Roof

Residential Roofing Installation - Serving Oakland, Washtenaw, and Macomb Counties

If you’re looking for a quality roofing company in Pontiac or Ann Arbor MI, look no further than Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors. We offer a lifetime guarantee on installing and replacing roofs on homes throughout Michigan.

We are a GAF CERTIFIED Plus Installer
Performance Roof Systems Offers Lifetime Roof Replacements

Lifetime PRSE Roof Warranty

Performance Roof Systems provides comprehensive roofing services for residential properties throughout Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw counties from our locations in  Pontiac and Ann Arbor, MI.

Our roofers have many years of experience reroofing and repairing the roof and shingles of residential properties in Oakland County. All of our roofs come with a lifetime warranty.  Homeowners that need to have their roof replaced to ensure that their home is properly protected against the elements use our services.

Since wind and hailstorms are common in Michigan, you may need to replace your roof even sooner than expected! Performance Roofing has experts in storm restoration and working with your insurance company to ensure any storm damage is repaired! Learn more about our residential roofing services below!

Re-Roofing & New Roof Installations

When most homes need re-roofing or even if your Waterford home is under new construction, a roof is integral to your home’s structure. We need a roof over our heads, one that will protect us from the severe and ever-changing weather of Michigan, and the storm & wind brought on by the Great Lakes. 

Our company can re-roof your property with shingles or flat roof applications to make sure your home is protected. We are a certified dealer of long-standing and reliable products, with high-quality roof and expert installation for Waterford, MI.

Storm Damage Repair

When Storms come to Michigan, they can cause major issues with our roofs, resulting in necessary repair. Performance Roof Systems specializes in disaster repair for roofs, ensuring that the major damage occurred does not create long term problems.

At Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors, we understand the significant impact that severe weather events can have on roofs. Storm damage problems on a roof can include broken or missing shingles, leaks, punctures, and other forms of structural damage.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced roofing professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive storm damage repair services to homeowners and businesses. We use state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure that our repairs are of the highest quality and durability, and we always prioritize safety and efficiency in our work.

We also provide thorough inspections to identify any hidden damage or potential weaknesses in your roof that could cause problems in the future. Our goal is to provide reliable and long-lasting repairs that restore the functionality and integrity of your roof, ensuring that it is prepared to withstand future storms and protect your property.

Ann Arbor Storm Damage Roof Repair
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