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Embarking on a journey to harness the power of solar energy for your home is an investment in both sustainability and savings. As you consider the installation and maintenance of Timberline Solar™ Shingles, it’s essential to understand the challenges posed by traditional roofing solutions and the environmental impact they carry. By delving into the innovative realm of solar shingle technology, you’ll discover how these modern marvels differ from conventional solar panels and the aesthetic advantages they offer your home. Join us as we explore the benefits of choosing solar shingles, from enhanced energy efficiency to unparalleled durability. Our detailed installation process ensures a seamless transition to solar energy, backed by our commitment to expertise and customer satisfaction. Unveil the cost-saving potential and incentives awaiting you with this cutting-edge technology – embrace a brighter future with Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors at your side. We serve Ann Arbor, Pontiac, and the surrounding areas!

What are the advantages of using solar shingles over traditional solar panels?

Solar shingles offer advantages like seamless integration into the roof, enhanced aesthetics, and durability. They also provide better energy efficiency due to their proximity to the roof surface, easy installation, and potentially lower overall costs compared to traditional solar panels.

Installation and Maintenance of Timberline Solar™ Shingles

To ensure the optimal performance of Timberline Solar™ Shingles, proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial. The installation process involves strategically placing the solar shingles on your roof to maximize energy production. Maintenance includes periodic inspections to check for any damage or debris that could affect their efficiency. It’s recommended to consult with subject matter experts for the installation to guarantee the best results. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of the solar shingles but also ensures that they continue to generate sustainable energy for your home. By investing in the installation and maintenance of Timberline Solar™ Shingles, you are contributing to both environmental conservation and long-term energy cost savings.


Understanding the Challenge of Traditional Roofing Solutions

Traditional roofing solutions often come with their own set of challenges. Conventional roofs, particularly those made with asphalt shingles, have a significant environmental impact and contribute to the carbon footprint. Additionally, the rising costs of energy and maintenance can place a financial burden on homeowners. Recognizing these challenges and seeking alternative solutions, such as GAF Timberline Solar™ Shingles, can help homeowners overcome these issues while enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

The Environmental Impact of Conventional Roofs

Traditional asphalt shingles used in conventional roofs contribute significantly to environmental issues. The manufacturing process of these materials involves high energy consumption and releases harmful emissions, thus increasing the carbon footprint. Moreover, regular shingles have a shorter lifespan compared to solar shingles, leading to more frequent roof replacements and higher waste generation. The disposal of old roofing materials further adds to environmental concerns by filling up landfills and impacting local ecosystems. By transitioning to sustainable options like solar shingles, homeowners can reduce their environmental impact and promote a cleaner, greener future for energy production.

The Rising Costs of Energy and Maintenance

Energy costs are rising, burdening homeowners. Traditional roofs lack energy efficiency, leading to higher consumption and utility bills. Timberline Solar™ Shingles offer a solution by generating green energy, reducing reliance on the grid for savings. Their durability cuts repair and replacement costs over time.


Introducing Solar Shingle Technology

GAF Timberline Solar™ shingle technology is a revolutionary approach to solar energy. Unlike traditional solar panels, solar shingles are designed to resemble standard roofing shingles, making them a more aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners. This innovative technology allows homeowners to harness the power of the sun while maintaining the visual appeal of their homes. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing roofs or replace them entirely, solar shingles provide a versatile and efficient solution for transitioning to solar energy.

How Solar Shingles Differ from Traditional Solar Panels

Solar shingles offer several advantages over traditional solar panels. While traditional solar panels are typically large and visible on the roof, solar shingles are smaller and more low-profile. They blend in seamlessly with the existing roof, providing a more aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners.

In terms of power output, solar shingles have a lower efficiency rating compared to traditional solar panels. However, they still generate sufficient energy to power a home. The number of solar shingles required to match the power output of one traditional solar panel depends on the specific brand and model of the shingles. Despite the lower power output, solar shingles provide a viable alternative for homeowners who prioritize aesthetic appeal and seamless integration with their existing roofs.

The Aesthetic Advantage of Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are visually appealing as they blend seamlessly with the roof, unlike traditional bulky solar panels. Timberline Solar™ Shingles, in black, offers a sleek design that enhances the home’s look while providing clean energy. Enjoy solar benefits without compromising on aesthetics.

The Benefits of Choosing Solar Shingles for Your Home

Choosing solar shingles for your home offers numerous benefits. From enhanced energy efficiency and savings to increased durability compared to traditional roofing materials, solar shingles provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Additionally, the federal solar tax credit and local incentives may make the investment in solar shingles more affordable and provide additional savings for most individuals. By choosing solar shingles, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Savings

One of the primary benefits of solar shingles is their ability to enhance energy efficiency and provide long-term savings. By generating green energy from the sun, solar shingles offset the energy needs of a home, reducing reliance on the grid and resulting in lower energy bills.

Furthermore, most homeowners can take advantage of the federal solar tax credit, which provides a 30% tax credit on the cost of a home solar system for those who federally qualify. This credit can significantly offset the initial investment in solar shingles. Additionally, solar shingles help protect homeowners from rising energy costs as they produce their own electricity, reducing the need for utility-provided power. Over time, the savings generated from solar shingles can outweigh the initial investment, making them a financially savvy choice for homeowners.


Durability and Longevity Compared to Standard Roofing Materials

Solar shingles, such as Timberline Solar™ Shingles, offer enhanced durability and longevity compared to standard roofing materials. Traditional asphalt shingles can deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements, requiring frequent repairs or replacements.

In contrast, solar shingles are designed to withstand the same weather conditions as traditional roofing materials. They are made from durable materials that can withstand rain, hail, and wind. Additionally, solar shingles offer a longer lifespan, typically lasting 20 years or more, depending on the manufacturer. This durability and longevity make solar shingles a cost-effective choice for homeowners, as they reduce the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

Our Solar Shingle Installation Process

Our solar shingle installation process at Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors is designed to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for homeowners. It begins with an initial consultation and roof assessment to determine the feasibility of solar shingle installation. From there, we create a custom design and engineering plan tailored to the specific roof and energy needs of the home. Our team of professionals then handles the installation process, ensuring high-quality workmanship and adherence to industry standards. We also provide a comprehensive quality assurance process to verify the proper functioning of the solar shingles and offer a product warranty for added peace of mind.

Initial Consultation and Roof Assessment

The solar shingle installation process starts with a consultation and roof assessment by our experts. We evaluate your roof’s condition, discuss your energy needs and budget, and address any concerns. This helps us create a customized installation plan for optimal performance.

Custom Design and Engineering Plan

Once the consultation and roof assessment are done, we’ll craft a custom design and engineering plan for your solar shingle installation. This plan considers your roof’s unique characteristics like size, orientation, and shading. Our experts will design the layout to maximize energy production and performance while ensuring seamless integration with your existing roof. Detailed specifications and installation guidelines will be provided for a smooth process.

Professional Installation and Quality Assurance

Our experienced team at PRSE ensures precise solar shingle installation for optimal energy production. We secure the shingles to your roof deck for longevity and durability, conducting quality assurance checks to guarantee peak performance. Our product warranty offers added protection and peace of mind, showcasing our commitment to customer satisfaction.


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Cynthia Beasley
Cynthia Beasley
I want to first apologize for not posting earlier. The flat roof looked good after Joel and his crew installed it. Joel suggested not putting the gutters back on, and that he would do a waterfall edge since the roof extended past the foundation of the house. I'm grateful for that suggestion. I wanted to make sure the roof didn't leak before I posted anything, and it was a while before we had a heavy rain. The roof did not leak. After it rained, a tree branch fell on the roof. I called Joel to come, and assess the damage because it was less than six months when the roof was installed. I am yet waiting, but hopefully he will come soon. Thanks
Bret Lbby
Bret Lbby
I needed a new roof on my garage. Called them and they were out the next with a quote and spotted some areas that would need repair over and beyond the shingles. Price was very competitive and they completed the work on time and as promised. Cleanup was fantastic. Highly recommend their services.
Duane Poliquin
Duane Poliquin
In summary, I would use Performance Roof Systems again on future projects. I have a unique roof and a few problems that needed the help of an experienced roofer. 1) My entire attic has mold on the inside roof decking due to a moisture issue so I asked for a complete decking replacement. 2) The rear half of my roof has a very low pitch (2/12) making any ice dam a guaranteed leak. 3) The rear of my roof does not extend past the house (no overhang) so water and ice tends to flow down the side of my house all winter long. I had 7 different roofers come out and quote new decking and new shingles. I was open for recommendations. Let me warn you; read the quotes carefully, as not everyone will quote what you ask for. Some guys tried to use scare tactics (your roof is in terrible shape and needs to be replaced immediately). Some were experts where only their product could solve my problems. Most bad-mouthed all the others, either subtly or viciously (I recommend you read reviews). Joel from Performance Roof Systems was one of the last people invited to come out to quote. He looked at the rear of my house and asked if I had issues with water running down. His statement was, “I don’t want to price myself out of this job, but I would like to offer you a permanent solution to your problem.” Using his past experience as a carpenter, he said if I was already willing to have the decking ripped up, then that would be the perfect time to EXTEND the roof by 8 – 12”. Truth be told, this is something I had already thought about, but I thought it would take more than just simply adding on to the existing structure. In the end, Joel provided me with two unique solutions: 1) an extended roof and 2) a commercial roof in the rear. Yes, it cost more, but I got more in return. He provided a detailed breakdown and all of the common parts of his quote were in line with the others. Don’t kid yourself – all projects like this will have some issues. Most contractors call this an opportunity ($$$) or will try to hide the problem. I won’t mention the issues specifically, but I will say it is not the issues you have, rather how they are addressed. Joel addressed everything quickly, professionally and honestly. I never write reviews. I don’t have anything to say when someone simply does their job. After working with Joel, I was moved to write this review. Joel can be proud of the name and reputation he is creating for Performance Roof Systems.
Shannon Donnellon
Shannon Donnellon
Quick to respond and come out to give us a quote for a roof replacement. Pricing was extremely reasonable compared to others in the area. Company came out within 1 week to complete the job, which was done very efficiently. Joel was quick to respond to some issues that came up, but was extremely easy to work with and fixed all issues immediately. Would highly recommend this company!!
Bill Burkhardt
Bill Burkhardt
Easy to work with. They kept me informed what was happening with the job. Alway responded quickly to my calls and emails. A great crew did the work. They respected my property and kept a tidy worksite.
John Teagardin
John Teagardin
Installed vinyl siding on garage. Xcellent job, on schedule. Reinforced truss work also.

Why Choose Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors for Your Solar Shingle Installation

Choosing Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors for your solar shingle installation offers several key advantages. Our team of certified experts has the knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and our attention to detail and expertise have earned us industry accolades and nominations. We also prioritize sustainability and are proud members of the Solar Energy Industries Association. When you choose us for your solar shingle installation, you can trust that you are working with a trusted and reputable company that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and results.

Certified Expertise and Experience

At Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors, we offer certified expertise and extensive experience in the solar industry. Our professionals are rigorously trained and hold the necessary certifications for solar shingle installation. We stay updated on industry trends to deliver excellent results. Our experts will guide you through the entire installation process, providing advice and addressing concerns to ensure your confidence in switching to solar energy. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the trusted choice for solar shingle installation.

PRSE's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability

At Performance Roof Systems + Exteriors, customer satisfaction and sustainability are our top priorities. We ensure a smooth solar shingle installation experience for our customers. Our dedicated team delivers high-quality work to exceed expectations. As proud members of the Solar Energy Industries Association, we champion sustainability and renewable energy. Choose us for your solar shingle installation to support a greener future and advocate for solar energy. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment for future generations.


Investment and Return on Solar Shingles

The cost of solar shingles is an important consideration for homeowners. While the initial investment may be higher than traditional roofing materials, the long-term benefits and return on investment make solar shingles a wise choice. With the federal and local incentives, most homeowners can offset the cost of solar shingle installation and enjoy long-term savings on their energy bills. Additionally, solar shingles add value to your home and can increase its market appeal. By choosing solar shingles, homeowners are making a smart financial decision that provides both immediate and long-term benefits.

Long-term Savings and Incentives

Solar shingles offer long-term savings by generating clean energy, reducing energy bills, and lessening reliance on the grid. The federal solar tax credit provides most individuals a tax credit on the system cost, helping offset the initial investment. States and localities also offer incentives and rebates to reduce installation costs and enhance financial benefits. Research available incentives in your area for maximum return on your solar investment.

Embracing The Newest In Solar Technology

Explore the cutting-edge innovation of monocrystalline solar shingles, representing the latest advancement in the solar energy industries association. These shingles integrate monocrystalline silicon cells, ensuring superior energy conversion and efficiency. By adopting this technology, homeowners can benefit from a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends with the existing roof, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Embrace the future with solar roof shingles like Timberline Solar™, offering a sustainable solution that reduces your carbon footprint and lowers energy costs. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the newest in solar technology with these state-of-the-art solar shingles. Contact us today to get the newest solar technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar shingles have a lower efficiency rating compared to traditional solar panels. While traditional solar panels can achieve efficiency ratings of up to 24%, solar shingles typically range from 14% to 18%. This means that traditional solar panels convert a higher percentage of the sunlight they absorb into usable electricity. However, solar shingles still generate sufficient energy to power a home and offer the advantage of blending in seamlessly with the existing roof.

Yes, solar shingles are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. They are made from durable materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability and performance. Solar shingles are built to withstand heavy rain, hail, and wind. The specific wind rating of solar shingles can vary depending on the brand and model, but they are typically designed to withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

The lifespan of solar shingles can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific brand. On average, solar shingles have a lifespan of 20 years or more. However, some manufacturers offer product warranties that extend beyond 20 years. It’s important to review the warranty provided by the manufacturer to understand the specific coverage and lifespan of the solar shingles.

Yes, there are government incentives available for installing solar shingles. One of the most significant incentives is the federal solar tax credit, which provides a 30% tax credit on the cost of a home solar system. This credit can help offset the initial investment in solar shingles and reduce the overall cost. Additionally, many states and local municipalities offer their own incentives and rebates for installing solar shingles. These incentives can vary, so it’s important to research and explore the specific incentives available in your area.

The installation of solar shingles can increase the value of your property. Solar energy is in high demand, and homes with solar installations are often considered more desirable in the real estate market. Solar shingles enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while providing the added benefit of renewable energy. This can contribute to an increase in your property’s value and its marketability.

The maintenance required for solar shingles is minimal compared to traditional roofing materials. Regular inspections by a professional roofing company are recommended to check for any damage or issues that may affect the performance of the solar shingles. Additionally, keeping the roof clear of debris, such as leaves and branches, will help maintain the efficiency of the solar shingles. It’s always best to consult with a professional roofing company for any maintenance or repair needs related to your solar shingles.

The savings on your energy bill will depend on several factors, including your energy consumption and the size of your solar shingle installation. However, many homeowners start to see savings on their energy bills immediately after the installation. By generating your own clean, renewable energy, you can offset your energy costs and reduce your reliance on the grid. Over time, the energy savings from your solar shingle installation can add up to significant amounts, resulting in long-term financial benefits.