Stanley Park in Pontiac, Illinois

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the city of Pontiac, Illinois, Stanley Park is one of the best places in the United States to visit and enjoy nature. The park is home to a variety of scenic beaches, an amusement park, hiking trails, and more. In addition, the park also boasts a historic watch tower, which was built on top of a cliff above Siwash Rock. Discover More about Pontiac here!

Autopsy shows victim was shot multiple times

Earlier this month, an autopsy was released on a Pontiac man who died in Stanley Park. It showed that the man had been shot multiple times. His body was found lying face down between two cars, and his clothing had a bullet hole in it. The man, identified as Don Hebert, was 43 years old at the time of his death.

His death was considered a homicide by the police. His wife and three children were not home at the time of the shooting. The man was shot in the head with a small caliber weapon. He was wearing a red shirt and a brown jacket at the time of the shooting. His right hand was partially clenched into a fist, and his driver’s license was in his right rear pants pocket.

Second Beach pool shut down in 1995 and the current heated pool in 1996

During the 1920s, Second Beach was a popular destination for swimming, horse riding and camping. The beach had a large saltwater swimming pool, which was replaced by a heated pool in 1995. However, the pool failed to meet new health and sanitation standards.

The water used in the pool was chlorinated by hand, and was drawn from the ocean. However, the ocean’s salt water was not chlorinated, and the pool did not meet modern sanitation standards. The park board promised to add pop-up pools last year, but the pool was closed. The board is now looking at ways to upgrade the pool.

In addition to the heated pool, Stanley Park’s Second Beach also has a small water slide for kids. There is also a concession stand, a small grass area, and lifeguards on duty. The pool is open late May through early September. Additional info!

Watch tower built on the cliff above Siwash Rock

During World War II, a concrete searchlight shelter was built on the Siwash Rock. It was one of ten such shelters installed to help illuminate enemy ships in the harbor. The structure was fitted with a 45 HP Gardner diesel engine in a separate shelter. The towering structure is now in use as a watch tower.

Siwash Rock is a sea stack located on the western shore of Stanley Park. It is between 15 and 18 metres high and was formed as a volcanic dike. Its name is derived from an indigenous legend that describes how a Xaays transformer transformed a man into a dragon.

A plaque located near the rock tells the story of the stone. It is an ancient volcanic dike that has been eroded away, leaving a basalt column.

Appealing dismissal of claims against Pontiac police officers

Several officers of the Pontiac Police Department in Michigan have appealed dismissal of claims against them in the Federal Courts. The lawsuit alleged that the officers had violated the Fourth Amendment and other civil rights, including excessive force, and that the officers had no reasonable grounds to make the arrests.

The federal appeals court found that the allegations in the complaint sufficiently established a false arrest, common law assault, and excessive force claim, and also concluded that the officers were immune from claims of malicious prosecution under Indiana state law. The court also concluded that the arrests were reasonable, and that the officers’ actions did not have any discriminatory effect.

The lawsuit was originally filed by a former police officer. After the officer was fired, the man sued the city, alleging that the city unlawfully detained him for five days, denied his medical care for broken ribs, and refused to file charges against him. The officers said that they did not have any memory of the incident. The lawsuit alleged that the city had a policy that authorized a 72-hour detention period. Click for more!

Driving direction from Performance Roof System to Stanley Park

Driving direction from Stanley Park to Hawthorne Park